It's important to remain in constant control of who is allowed into your building at any given time. Electronic access control systems give you complete control over expansion or restriction of building access through easy-to-use proximity cards that anyone can use. 

Have a card? You can enter. Don’t have a card? You can’t. Simple, but effective. 

As your needs fluctuate, the system we design remains flexible and accommodating by letting you remain in control of who has the ability to access any room in your facility. Let Commtech Design help determine the most effective monitoring system to control access to your building, we’ll keep intruders out and your building secure.


A closed circuit television (CCTV) system has been proven to be the most reliable and affordable approach to protecting your property and enhancing your facility’s security. 

Every building is unique, requiring an array of camera types each with a specific purpose and placement, giving effective and efficient monitoring to every corner of your facility. 

Commtech Design analyzes every inch of your building, every nook & cranny, and determines what type of cameras are best utilized and where.  Our goal is to give you the absolute best security possible, balancing camera total with budget, always with your needs in mind.