Correctional Facilities

Most recently we have been working with State of Michigan Correctional Facilities in upgrading their analog video security, perimeter video security, and perimeter fencing security systems.

Outdated camera systems, lack of cameras, and insufficient video storage space has left these facilities in need of higher quality security monitoring equipment in order to better monitor their prisoners within.

Commtech Design begins the solution process with a thorough survey of each site - detailing building locations, fence lines, and building layouts. We turn these field verifications into AutoCAD floor plans to be used throughout the rest of the project, and to provide the owner with updated floor plan documentation and records after project completion.

After verifying existing camera location we design a new interior camera layout for each building, and an exterior camera layout throughout the entire facility. We place new cameras high on poles to cover every inch of the perimeter fence line, usually upwards of 40 new cameras for the fence line alone. Typically these facilities gain control of over 200 new cameras after the new security system is installed.

New monitoring stations with larger LCD screens and new video recording servers with more storage are implemented within the system, tying everything together and giving easy access and control to each new camera.

Completed Correctional Facilities


Alger CF
Baraga CF
Carson City CF
Chippewa CF
Cooper Street CF

Cotton CF
EC Brooks CF
Egeler CF
Hiawatha CF

Ionia Maximum CF
Macomb CF

Marquette CF
Muskegon CF
Oaks CF
Parnall CF

Richard A. Handlon CF
Saginaw CF
St. Louis CF
Thumb CF
West Shoreline CF

Kent County Jail