I started this company because I believe that technology should be designed by an independent designer to meet the owner’s requirements and not to be a system that a contractor happens to sell.
— Bret Emerson - President


Commtech Design is a Communications and IT Design Firm that provides technology design services to businesses and schools. Working with us will assure you of a complete technology design experience that includes:

  • Creating a plan that successfully integrates your existing system, technology, and architectural design.
  • Working within your budget.
  • Transparent communication when discussing budgetary limitations.
  • Comprehensive documentation of meeting minutes from each project and contractor meeting.
  • Detailed and coherent equipment specifications.
  • Intricate and thorough AutoCAD drawings.
  • The assurance of your system remaining viable in the future as technology continues to advance.
  • Discussions and consultation regarding any questions about technology you may have for us.
  • A feeling of inclusion, empowerment, and excitement while working together on your new technology system.