Our goal is to provide flexibility while not over-cabling.
— Bret Emerson - President

The design of the cabling infrastructure is critical to the functionality of the building, and expansion of all types of technology without infringing on the visual appeal of the architecture. 

Commtech Design evaluates your building layout and your communications & technology needs, providing detailed drawings specifying locations of communication rooms and cabling pathways. Our specifications give you details regarding cable types, faceplates, and communication room equipment recommendations. 


We have experience creating a backbone with the capacity to transmit data, telephone, audio, video, and security signals consistent with your current and anticipated technological requirements. Commtech Design helps create this delicate framework for your communications infrastructure with your distinct needs in mind and the most advanced technology available for your budget – all while avoiding and working through technical & architectural challenges common with designing the nerve center of your building.


We believe thoughtful, tactful data center design planning will pay dividends for years as your communication and technology requirements continue to grow and evolve. 

A well-planned data center will centralize the cabling and data pathways into one concise area, where all servers reside. Structuring the data center to house the communications and technology hub for the entire building requires the development of a cohesive plan and incorporating all facets of architectural engineering involved in construction – a mindful process our team has experience with.

Wired and wireless data networks

Connecting all data in your facility requires strategic installation of both a wired and wireless network. Commtech Design can help determine how to maximize the functionality of both networks while harnessing the most power for you and your end users. 

Your network should be flexible enough to engage new technological functionality while maintaining crucial security and speed. We specialize in proper placement of a distributed antenna system allowing for fast delivery of wireless signals throughout your building. As technology evolves so should your network, and our design allows you to do just that.