HDMI switching, HDBaseT technology, IR transmitters, satellite receivers – convoluted terminology producing exactly the opposite result. An intricate system giving you clean, simple design. 

Our experience in educational and corporate construction has given us a design edge in creating audio/video distribution systems – keeping them functionally powerful while remaining minimally intrusive. We streamline the audio/visual hardware while keeping your room aesthetically appealing.

Commtech Design will create a plan giving your building a seamless blend between architecture and technology.


There are countless options today when it comes to telephone solutions, and it’s mostly a matter of determining exactly what works best for you. Commtech Design carefully blends your organization’s phone system needs with the most effective local options available.     

Incorporating and upgrading an existing telephone system often makes sense and reduces expenses, while in other cases investing in the latest technology and building a system from the ground up is the better alternative. We can help streamline this process by meeting with local phone service vendors and synthesizing their offerings in order to find the best possible match for you and your company.